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April 1 2017

Hi, Tell us who you are and which agency are you with?

My name is Tom and I am with Benzo Media from Tel-Aviv.

Tell us a little bit of background about yourself and how did you start Benzo Media?

Well, I was working with different advertising agencies and I really grew tired from that field, And my brother who is also my partner had just closed his business (he was making music for commercials at that time). We started thinking what can we do that will be interesting and profitable and decided to try and do some 'affiliate marketing'. We did that for a couple of months and soon found out we like making the websites for our campaigns much more then we liked running the campaigns. So, we started taking on clients, mostly Wordpress stuff and grew from there.

How did you get your first clients? And how did you manage to grow?

At the beginning we took some really small jobs, like translating Wordpress websites and stuff like that, just to get the hang of it and getting familiar with Wordpress. After that, we did a couple of blogs and small websites to gain some confidence. Pretty soon we get some stuff on our portfolio which made selling our selfs to new clients easier. We really did it the hard way because when we started we didn't know anything about building websites (apart from building a landing page for a campaign) and it was kind of a risk, but we always felt like we can just learn anything we were asked to do and we can make it work.

What is your strategy for getting new clients?

Marketing is always a tricky thing, we get some clients from word to mouth, others just get to our website somehow and give us a call. We are also very involved in various Facebook groups that discuss website development and a lot of people there are always looking for people to build them their website or their next great digital product.

Do you have a preferred kind of client?

We love working with startups and building their products. Firstly, it's the most challenging and interesting work. It's great to be a part of a new product, giving it it's identity and crafting it so users will have the best experience they possibly can. Secondly, we prefer long term projects, it takes time for people to really open up and cooperate and in short term projects, we never feel like we really gave the project everything we can give. It's also much more convenient on the money flow aspect, you know where your next paycheck will be coming from and you can really focus on the work.

How do you Price your projects?

We are really strong believers in pricing hourly. When we started out we used to take a fixed price and we really got burned a lot. We even wrote an article about it. When we were charging fixed price we soon found out that we were losing money. Projects took longer than we had originally thought. Clients wanted things that were not in the original plan but did not feel the need to pay for them, as they thought it was obvious. when we started charging by the hour we felt like it really simplified our relationship with our clients and let us focus on doing the actual work. I really recommend all the people that build digital products for clients to price their time.

What kind of Technologies do you mainly use?

Well, we use mostly Wordpress as a CMS for small websites. For Bigger projects, we mainly use React for the front end and NodeJs for the backend. We really love exploring new technologies so it's hard to specify only one or two.

What kind of Tools do you mainly use?

We use a lot of tools. For prototyping and design, we use Sketch, we principle for small animation and more complexed flows. We use PHP Storm as a code editor. We use Trello as our project management system and Slack for in company communication. For client communication we use Webscope.

What do you feel is your agency's biggest challenge?

I think being able to pick the projects that we want to work on is a big challenge. Marketing is also a big challenge for us, it's definitely not easy keeping work coming in all the time.

Where do you see Wonderland in two years from now?

That's a hard question, we would love for our personal projects like Webscope to get some real exposure, and to have the time to really invest in those projects.

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