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Founded in 2006, Buffalo is a small web design & development agency based in Brighton, UK. Over the last few years we've made a reputation for building websites that look great and are easy-to-use.

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May 1 2017

Hi, Tell us who you are and which agency are you with?

Hi, My name is Dan and i’m with Buffalo web design & development agency based in Brighton, UK.

Tell us a little bit of background about yourself and how did you start Buffalo?

I’m a little bit of both really. I left university and started a Flash games company, we did viral flash games for clients, and there i did a mix of everything, a bit of design, a bit of programming and I managed part of the business. Then I got headhunted to manage another company, I was 21 at the time so most of the guys were older than me. After that I was working in company I really didn’t like with a couple of other guys, and together with a developer and a designer that also didn’t like that company we decided to start Buffalo. The truth is i’m really a musician but I found that It wasn’t really gonna turn into a career for me.

How did you get your first clients? And how did you manage to grow?

When we started Buffalo we only had some contacts from my old company, and it was only bits of work, so at the beginning we were close to say, you know what, we don’t have enough work… we all need to get jobs somewhere. But then we got our first decent size project and that was just through being remembered by people, we always try to be memorable. And that is why when I ever I get an equerry that is not right for us, not the right budget for instance, I always try to point them in the right direction because it’s a nice thing to do but also because you never know when that person is going to come back after his business has taken off and now he wants a project of a larger scale that is right for us.

How did you market the agency when you just got started?

I sent emails to people that I thought would be good to work with that were very personal and a couple of time that have worked out. There was this one time I wrote to guy and said ‘I really like your writing and you work, if there is ever a project you want to work on keep us in mind and few months later he got in touch and said he got budget from the government for a project and we worked in it. I think the main thing to think about when you are starting out is just be what i call a ‘friendly pest’ , you have to email people and tell them I want to show you our work, and then do it again until you get some work and then hopefully that work leads to more work and so on. I think weather you applying for a job or starting an agency you have to have that tenacity, people don’t always notice you so you have to make yourself be noticed.

What is your favorite kind of projects?

We do all sorts work, we used to do a lot of eCommerce for a while, which can be really good. We use spree which is similar to magenta but is Rails’ based. We also had our own e Commerce platform that was called the Mozzarella which we was difficult for us to support. So, e Commerce is definitely projects we enjoy, I like it because from a business point of view it helps clients to make the money they invested in us back, and they can see the direct reward for their investment. We also like to do animation, we have added an illustrator in house so we don’t have to use stock stuff and can create real unique assets for clients. I mainly like clients that let us lead the process and that actually come for our expertise, that way they get the best results and we enjoy the process a lot more.

What kind of tools do you use for communication and project management?

We tried a lot of different systems over the years, we have been using Basecamp which is definitely not perfect but is much better then e-mails which we have been trying to get rid of. We use Trello, mainly internally because clients find it a bit scary and that don’t really like the concept of it. Another tool we use internally is Slack - we have channels for each project and a few general channels like a development channel and a design channel for people to share links and general stuff. For the design part we mainly use Indesign for layout and Illustrator for illustration, for development we use all sorts of text editors (depends on people’s the personal preference).

Where do you see Buffalo in a couple of years?

It is hard to say, we do a lot more brand work than before and I think that that has become much more important for us because when you work on the brand you have a lot more control on the final result than just building a website after all that work has already been done for us. Trying to put out a good website when you have a bad logo or a color pallet that doesn’t work is much harder, so when we control the branding it allows us to do things that are much better overall. So, i would have to say more branding projects and I would also love to see Buffalo do more experimental work. In terms of size I don’t think we will grow much, but as long as people are happy and the company is doing good I am happy with that.

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