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My name is Jonathan Alpmyr, a freelancing multi-disciplinary web developer & designer currently based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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May 11 2017

Hi Tell us who you are and with what agency are you with?

Hi, my name is Jonathan Alpmyr, and I am with JNTHN.

Tell us a bit about your background and the agency? 

When I was 12 years old I was on a skateboard team and we needed a website, so I made us a website with a free website maker tool. I did that for 5 years and then I decided to start designing and programming on my own (without templets). Until last year I was in different companies and then last year I started my freelance career.

How did you decide to go out and start freelancing?

I am a designer and a coder. I saw the benefit of having full control over the product, and I knew I had a lot of potential in going freelance.

How did you get your first clients and how did you manage to grow?

The agency I was working with before I started my freelance career sent a lot of work my way. They are located in Norway and I am in Sweden, and since life is cheaper in Sweden I could offer them a good price.

What is your main marketing tool?

I would say my website is probably my main marketing tool. I also get a lot of recurring customers so I definitely have been busy since starting a year ago.

How do you price you work?

I have an hourly rate, Then I estimate how many hours will it take me to finish a project. The client gets a fixed price depending on that equation. If I see that I am exceeding that amount or if the clients have a lot more requests I talk to them and figure it out.

What kind of projects do you prefer?

I would like to work with more tech startups, mainly because I am interested in tech and i also think its really interesting to be a part of the starting stage of a startup. I also really like eCommerce projects, I love the fact that they are really business oriented. I always ask my clients after launching their website: how many sales did you get? , how is the conversion rate?

Do you use Woocommerce for eCommerce platform?

Yes. Since I mainly work with Wordpress, Woocommerce Is a great solution.

What kind of technologies do you use?

Well, like I said about 80% of the projects I make is in Wordpress. I have my own custom made theme that I use for almost every project.

What are the tools you use most in your work?

I work with Atom as my text editor. I use foundations for grids etc.

What tools do you use to communicate with your clients?

for design feedback I use Invision, I love their feature that allows me to leave notes on specific items in the website. I also use ‘Bugherd’ for bug control. I use Slack for communication, but i don’t like having clients on it.

What do you think is your biggest challenge as a web developer?

I think doing really cool and uniq things that haven’t been seen before. You know get your products to be really perfect. Basically make really great products with the limited time I have.

Where do you see you business in two years from now?

I would love to work on my own digital product, something that will generate passive income while I work on projects. I used to do some affiliate marketing and I also had a blog that I sold.

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