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May 31 2017

Hi, Tell us who you are and which agency are you with?

Hi, My name is Kameda Mokei. And, PRMO is an agency based on the web, visuals, and planning.

What is your background?

I studied architecture at Musashino Art University. After dropping out of college, I joined monopo as art director & engineer. And since 2017 I became independent as PRMO.

How did you start your agency?

From the time I worked for a company, I was doing sidework for different people. I have expanded it.

How did you get your first clients? And how did you manage to grow?

Initially, I got work from a former company or freelance friends. And we worked together to improve each other.

What would you define as the main channel through which you get clients today?

I am getting clients through SNS and portfolio. Or, sometimes friends will introduce clients to me.

Who are your clients today?

My clients are mainly musicians, fashion relations and architects.

What kind of projects do you most prefer?

I'm attracted to ambitious projects like trying new things and changing something. Furthermore, It would be great if I could grow through work.

What are your favorite tools (Slack, Framer, Sketch etc)?

I like simple tools such as illustrator and sublime.

What technologies do you mainly use? What would you like to use more?

I'm mainly interested in front end technology, I would like to learn 3d expressions such as webgl.

How do you communicate with your clients? What kind of tools do you use?

Skype, facebook, line, etc, depending on the client.

What are the main difficulties in running an agency?

I just started it, there are lots of things I do not know, it is hard work.

How do price your projects?

Basic is calculated based on the schedule, and those that can not be converted are added separately.

Tell us about one project you feel really shines in your portfolio. I love this project. I'm interested in not only this website but also the whole MR VR project. Also, I'm honored to collaborate with the people I respect.

What would be your advice to someone that wants to turn his web design/developing skills into a business?

First, I think we need a portfolio for clients to know.

Where do you see your agency going in the upcoming years, any plans for the future?

Websites, videos, and some reality technologies are gradually mixed. I want to be able to act freely in a mixed field.

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