Amsterdam, Netherland

at Wonderland, we understand that great UX design is the result of attentive discipline in design and development in order to recognize the best way to deliver products and experiences that ooze both purpose and style.

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June 6 2017

Hi, Tell us who you are and which agency are you with?

My name is Martijn and I am with Wonderland agency from Amsterdam.

Tell us a little bit of background about yourself and how did you start Wonderland?

I am primarily a designer and I started as a student, and started making websites with Wordpress themes for small business around, From there I went out and established Wonderland. I started alone, doing projects for friends and family and I was really focusing on doing good work and improving.

How did you get your first clients? And how did you manage to grow?

I mainly marketed myself through Wonderland’s website. Once, I was hired by a client in New York and I was bragging to him about the great team I had and of course I was alone. Then he invited us to fly over to New York because he wanted to meet the team. So I just grabbed two friends of mine and took them to New York with me. But since then I am always honest about the things that I do. It is very important to me to hire good people and I am very lucky to have some really great developers in Wonderland. We chose Wonderland as our name because we think of our work as something magical, we want people to have an experience when they come across our work.

Any good tips on how to hire great people?

We always test people that want to work with us. But in the end I really like to work with people that are like me, or that are nice to work with. Our employees must fit on our company culture because no matter how talked you are if you are an asshole I don't want to work with him.

What is your strategy for getting new clients?

The main marketing tool for us is our website because every potential client goes through our website to see the kind of work we do, what kind of clients we have worked etc. We also make a point in our website of explaining the process of the work and that is something I think, is really important.

Do you have a preferred kind of client?

We don’t really focus on anything is specific. We don’t do any gambling websites, or any kind of shady sex websites. My proffered client is a kind that understands that good design mean good business.

How do you Price your projects?

I think it is really a pain point for a lot of agencies because you never know if you working for the right budget. We have day rates, that we charge according to. I find it easier to measure the work by days instead of hours, for example, it takes us 3 days to do research, 5 days to do the design etc, as appose to the project is going to take 100 hours. We always take a buffer of time for safety in our time estimation and also we a have a lot of experience. We also made ourselves a little tool that helps us measure how much every employee costs the company and how much projects we need him to work on and on what rate in order to be profitable.

What kind of Technologies do you mainly use?

We use a lot of Wordpress and Woocommerce. Clients easily understand Wordpress and it’s CMS is really good. For bigger eCommerce stores we use Magneto. We want to check out Unity and maybe do a project with it, we are always trying to make our work more innovative.

What kind of Tools do you mainly use?

We use Sketch and Zeplin a lot, for animations we use Principle and Invision for prototyping. I really want to move from Adobe. For development its mainly sublime editor. We also use some new tools, like motion for explaining how to use the CMS for example. We use Trello for project management and Slack for in company communication.

What do you feel is your agency's biggest challenge?

I would say to maintain the great team we have ,and to get that are both fun and challenging to work on.

Where do you see Wonderland in two years from now?

I would love to open a branch out to United States. I would also like to make more cool side projects like: The cool Club, which started just by us making a deck of cards and now we have a cooperation with Disney and we are sending products to all over the world.

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